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Tax Tip April 4, 2017

State Tax Returns

A question I get a lot is, “In which state(s) do I have to file a tax return?” That’s a great question, with a sometimes confusing answer. Basically, the answer is: Your home state Wherever you have a “physical presence.” Simply put: Where did you physically earn money during the tax year? You always have […]

Accounting General Tax Tip March 15, 2017

Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you’re swamped with responsibilities and paperwork. Now that tax season is here, you’re thinking, “What exactly can small business owners deduct from their business’ taxes?”. Good news! You can deduct anything and everything that has a legitimate business purpose. If a payment is made to strengthen, promote, or further a […]

Accounting Tax Tip February 28, 2017

Reasons for Filing Your Tax Returns Early

Take a look at our top six reasons why filing your tax returns early can benefit you! 1) Faster tax refunds Simply put: the faster you file, the faster your refunds come in! 2) Extra time to plan for the taxes you owe Have an estimated idea of how much you owe so you can […]

Tax Tip February 1, 2017

My spouse can deduct business expenses, why can’t I?

“My spouse is self-employed and I have an employer. Why can my spouse deduct business expenses on our tax return and I cannot?” We hear this question a lot. Simply put, the tax deductions that a business (or self-employed individual) can take are generous. Any expenditure that has a legitimate business purpose used to strengthen […]

Accounting May 9, 2016

Reasons for Quickbooks

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Quickbooks QuickBooks is the ideal business accounting software for small to mid-sized business owners. Here’s 10 reasons why you should be using QuickBooks. You save time on bookkeeping and paperwork because many of simple bookkeeping tasks are handled automatically making it easier to run your business. You can easily […]

Tax Tip September 29, 2015

Have you gotten a suspicious call or email from the IRS?

I recently got a voice mail from an “Agent Smith from the IRS” stating to IMMEDIATELY call his number as several IRS agents were en-route to arrest me for not paying my taxes. Since I’m up to date on my tax payments, I certainly wasn’t worried about agents coming by for a visit (and thankfully […]

Tax Tip September 24, 2015

Tips for Taxpayers Who Receive an IRS Notice

Receiving a notice from the Internal Revenue Service is usually no cause for alarm. Every year the IRS sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers. In the event one shows up in the mailbox, here are ten things you should know. Don’t panic. Many of these letters can be dealt with very simply. Don’t […]

Services Provided August 4, 2015

We serve a wide variety of industries.

At Rob Hylen CPA & Associates, we serve a wide variety of industries.  They include, but are not limited to: Renewable Energy Chemical Engineering Real Estate/Property Management Doctor and Dentist Offices Wedding Planning Landscaping Wedding Planning Fitness Clubs Law Office Gift Shoppe Business Management Photography Disc Jockey Rock Bands Auto Repair Livery Services Physical Therapy […]

Accounting July 24, 2015

Exploring the World of Advertising

I have learned that Accounting is my thing and Advertising is not. I have very little in common with Don Draper. People want something for their money. This may be something tangible or some savings so they will not be breaking their budget. I was told I need to make the website more catchy and […]

Tax Tip July 14, 2015

Cash vs. Accrual Basis Accounting

What is the difference between Accrual Basis and Cash Basis Accounting? ACCRUAL BASIS The accrual basis method takes into account all revenue and expenses at the moment they are earned or incurred. However, this method works independently of the function of time and whether the money for either revenue or expense has actually been paid […]



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