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Accounting June 26, 2015

The easy way to maximize depreciation deductions

Depreciation deductions are deductions that are often misunderstood.  Here is a recent example: Sandy took depreciation deductions for his buildings (rental properties) but not for his land. The basis (depreciable cost) of each building was based on his tax preparer’s allocation of value to the buildings and land. The IRS disputed the allocation and reduced […]

Thoughts and Reflections April 11, 2015

Tax season is winding down

Wow.  What a busy tax season.  Even though I worked 6-7 days per week at 10-12 hours per day, I still love my job.  However, even though I still love my job, I am looking forward to vacation later in April.  I usually run into a lot of Accountants during my late April vacations for […]

New Business Tax Tip February 24, 2015

Expenses of Going Into Business

Once you’re running a business, expenses such as advertising, utilities, office supplies, and repairs can be deducted as current business expenses — but not before you open your doors for business. The costs of getting a business started are capital expenses, and you may deduct $5,000 the first year you’re in business; any remainder must […]

Recent News October 23, 2014

Tax Projections

I often get asked in the summer and fall by clients: How much am I going to owe in taxes by April 15 of next year? Am I going to get a refund or am I going to have to owe…

Recent News September 29, 2014

Quick turnaround for tax returns on extension

Did you put your 2013 personal tax return on extension back on or before April 15? We are offering a quick turnaround for personal…

Accounting September 9, 2014

Budget season is upon us

Well it is the time of the year when it is time to start thinking about next year. Maybe your business is outperforming your expectations in 2014. Maybe it did not reach your expectations…

Services Provided May 27, 2014

Need a Bookkeeper or a Part-Time CFO?

Are you so busy with your business that you need to hire an outside bookkeeper?  Are you a small business who would like to hire a CFO, but cannot afford one?  You might want to give us a call. We have a CFO-level CPA on staff as well as a Bookkeeper who can handle the […]

General May 27, 2014

Thank you to all of our clients for another successful busy season!

I just want to say a giant “Thank You” to all of our clients for our most successful busy season ever.  I would like to take some of the credit but due to the fact that I have the best clients in the world, I give it all to you.  As always, please let us […]



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