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3 Reasons Why Talking to Your Accountant Can Help

Have you ever looked over your payroll statement or tax form and scratched your head in confusion? Your next step might be to scour the Internet for answers to your financial questions. This can be a frustrating and fruitless process, filled with conflicting answers.

You may avoid asking an accountant for direction because you might believe s/he may think the question is “too small”. Put aside your apprehensions, because there are massive benefits to speaking with an accountant directly about your concerns:


Specific answers

The biggest reason one might want to seek out an accountant is to receive case-specific answers. We live in an age where answers to most questions can be found with just a press of a few buttons. You might find a lead on the Internet for broad financial questions; but for more particular questions, it may be harder to find an answer without direct help.

Accountants have inside knowledge of the industry, and experienced professionals likely have seen a case like yours before.


Preparation for the future

By speaking with an accountant now, you can likely save yourself from tedious paperwork later! This will be especially helpful before and during tax season. An accountant can warn you of any additional paperwork, fees or tax breaks, and help you plan ahead of time.


Familiarity with your account

Taxes can be lengthy and difficult – especially if you are filing for a business as well. Building a rapport with your accountant will hopefully ease any apprehensions you have about asking for advice. Ask questions and get to know your accountant’s background, in turn, s/he will receive better insight on your expectations:

  • What kinds of clients do you work with? – This will help ensure the accountant is experienced with cases similar to yours.
  • Do you have experience working with multiple entities? – If you have more than one entity under your name, you will need a person who can handle several entities simultaneously.
  • How often will we communicate about tax issues? – Asking this will help both you and your accountant determine how frequently you will communicate, ensuring you are satisfied with your service.


If this sounds like you, schedule time to speak with an accounting professional today! Please give us a call (781) 436-5810.

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