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Changing Times for Business Owners

We know that there are non-stop changes happening for business owners right now. As the country slowly begins to reopen, there is much to keep track of. From business relief programs to changing guidelines for businesses, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. At Hylen, we are aware of how difficult it can be for business owners to manage their company while staying on top of never-ending updates and changes during the pandemic – so we want to help. 

It’s important to know what resources are available to you and your business. For small business owners, the Corona Aid Relief Economic Security (CARES) Act was put into place by the Small Business Administration (SBA) establishing different temporary programs business owners can take advantage of to help provide some relief due to the effects of COVID-19. 

Under this act, there are various loan programs like the Paycheck Protection Program (for your employees), the SBA Debt relief program (for your business), and others.  For example, the Payment Protection program is a loan for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll and prevent additional unemployment due to the pandemic. It allows you, as a business owner, to keep your workforce employed and paid. On the other hand, the SBA debt relief program provides small businesses with financial relief. This program will pay 6 months of interest and any other associated fees for various loans and will be automatically applied if you qualify. 

Whether you are looking into programs to help you weather the pandemic or seeking advice on a new business plan, Hylen offers business consulting services that can help you identify all the benefits your business can receive. We know how uncertain things are right now, and we want to make sure you are doing everything you can to help your small business succeed. Talk to our consultants about these relief programs and others that may be suitable for your small business. Our team of professionals can help provide you with some guidance and lead you towards the best solutions for your business in the long run. 

Additionally, our professionals can help keep track of your financials while taking into account these programs you may be participating in. By letting our experts take care of your bookkeeping, you’ll be able to focus on taking care of employees and growing your business, while knowing your bookkeeping is in good hands. 

Lastly, our management consultants can help you set up a plan to reopen your business. As restrictions start to lift, it is important to know what your business can and cannot do, while still effectively managing it. We can help you control these different aspects to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Contact an experienced CPA at Hylen for a consultation today!

Don’t go through it alone, Hylen can help!  

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