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Need a Bookkeeper or a Part-Time CFO?

Are you so busy with your business that you need to hire an outside bookkeeper?  Are you a small business who would like to hire a CFO, but cannot afford one?  You might want to give us a call. We have a CFO-level CPA on staff as well as a Bookkeeper who can handle the financial end of your business. This leaves you time to grow and maintain your business while leaving the financial worry to us!

Talk to us about a Controller or CFO for a day per week.  For less than the price of an employee, you can have a CFO-level consultant working for you on a part-time basis.  There will be no health insurance or benefits to provide.  Best of all, no full-time salary.

A Bookkeeper from Rob Hylen CPA & Associates will handle the day to day Accounting and Bookkeeping duties so you will not have to.  We monitor your account on a regular basis checking for possible fraudulent activity and required minimum balances.  We categorize your income and expenses properly in order to provide you with the best monthly financial statements possible.  Need a special report designed for a specialized need?  No problem. The sky is the limit.  Just tell us what you want and your wish is our command.

Give us a call at (781) 436-5810 and we will come to your place of business or residence for a free consultation!

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