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Tax season is winding down

Wow.  What a busy tax season.  Even though I worked 6-7 days per week at 10-12 hours per day, I still love my job.  However, even though I still love my job, I am looking forward to vacation later in April.  I usually run into a lot of Accountants during my late April vacations for obvious reasons!

I am so lucky to have such a great client base.  I have the most loyal and dedicated businesses as clients that I could imagine.  They are all great thinkers and excellent business men and women.  I am constantly learning good business practices from them and they seem to be willing to learn good accounting practices from me.

I worked on over 100 tax returns over the past three months.  I came across some of the most unique situations imaginable (A taxable profit on moving expenses?  Swapping five dependents with your ex? Owing $40,000 in taxes?  ObamaTax anyone? My ex stole my money, is this a deduction? TWO W-2s for over a million each? Making $18M but having no tax?  Making $20K, but owing tax?).  Just when you think you have seen it all, a new client comes in and has me scratching my head.  I like to run these situations by other CPA friends of mine to see what they think.  People have differing opinions on how to handle certain situations, but they are all strong opinions.  In the end, I treat it as a learning experience and do what I think is right.  Generally this is a hybrid of all that I have heard.

I have the best Office Manager/Bookkeeper that I could imagine.  I could have had the success that I have had, nor could this business be thriving the way it is without Jen.  She is the most valuable asset in this company and I hope we can work together forever.

As I file my final six returns I have waiting for me, I consider myself lucky.  Often we complain about how busy we are.  But we have to realize that being busy is a good thing.  We are fortunate to have employment, fortunate enough to have the skills we have and with a little bit of luck, our hard work over the years is paying off a bit.  Thank you to all who have helped and supported us.  We did it!

Putting the wraps on another successful season.

Yours Truly,

Rob Hylen

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